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Selling Your Ferrari

If you've ever pondered parting ways with your prized Ferrari, you've come to the right place. We specialize in assisting exotic car owners like yourself in quickly selling your high-end supercar, ensuring you receive top dollar for your cherished vehicle. Say goodbye to the headaches of private sales and hello to a seamless, professional experience. Let us handle the intricacies while you reap the rewards. It's time to elevate your selling experience with 7th Gear Auto Trader.

Why Sell Your Ferrari with 7th Gear Auto Trader?

When you choose to sell your Ferrari with 7th Gear Auto Trader, you're making an intelligent choice backed by a team of experts who really know their stuff. We're familiar with the supercar world, so we can ensure your Ferrari gets the attention and value it deserves. We work hard to get you the best price while avoiding the headaches of private selling, so you don't have to worry about a thing. Selling with 7th Gear Auto Trader means getting not just a sale but an experience that matches the class and style of your Ferrari.

We've spent many years working with the best car dealerships, so we know our stuff about luxury cars like the Ferrari. This means we can give you a super accurate estimate of how much your Ferrari is worth. Selling a Ferrari or any exotic car can be a bit tricky, but our team is here to make it easy for you.

So, if you're looking to sell your Ferrari, you're in good hands with 7th Gear Auto Trader!

Selling your luxury vehicle online to 7th Gear Auto Trader offers a host of advantages over traditional methods. Here at 7th Gear, our goal is to help you avoid the complexities and uncertainties of private car sales and the potential haggling that can come with dealing directly with a dealer. Selling your Ferrari online offers a modern, efficient, and potentially more lucrative alternative.

Unlock the Pinnacle Value: Sell with 7th Gear Auto Trader for a Seamless, Top-Dollar Transaction. Say Goodbye to Private Sale Hassles!

How the 7th Gear Process Works


To get the process started, we just need a few pieces of information from you to get your offer ready.


After we've received your information, we will send you a cash offer for your vehicle based on the information provided.


When you accept the offer, we start all of the necessary paperwork and schedule a vehicle inspection. After the legal stuff is out of the way and paperwork is signed, you get paid.


We offer convenient facilitation for pick-up or transportation of your car so you just need to sit back, relax and think about what you'll do with your money!

Ferrari: A Class Of Its Own

The History

For nearly a century, Ferrari has stood as an emblem of automotive excellence, captivating enthusiasts with its storied history, unparalleled elegance, and unwavering commitment to luxury. Founded in 1939 by the visionary Enzo Ferrari, the brand quickly ascended to legendary status, becoming synonymous with speed, precision, and innovation.

Each Ferrari model, from the Ferrari Purosangue, to the Ferrari 488 GTB, or the Ferrari 812 Superfast, is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, blending cutting-edge technology with timeless design, resulting in a fleet of vehicles that exude sophistication and power.

Unbridled Design

From the iconic prancing horse emblem to the unmistakable roar of its engines, every element of a Ferrari is imbued with a sense of heritage and prestige. Owning a Ferrari is more than possessing a car; it's embracing a legacy of automotive artistry and experiencing the thrill of driving a true masterpiece. With a Ferrari, one doesn't merely traverse roads; they embark on a journey marked by elegance, luxury, and a lineage of excellence that spans generations.

The Ferrari Difference

What truly sets Ferrari apart from other luxury car brands is its unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of automotive engineering and design. From its inception, Ferrari has been synonymous with performance and innovation, consistently producing vehicles that deliver an unparalleled driving experience. The brand's racing heritage, with a staggering number of Formula One championships, underscores its commitment to pushing the limits of speed and technology.

Ferrari's meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail elevate each vehicle to a level of artistry. The fusion of cutting-edge technology with timeless design elements results in cars that not only perform at the highest level but also exude an aura of sophistication and prestige.

That's why we know it can be such a difficult decision when considering selling your Ferrari. We will help you navigate the process and take the guesswork and haggling out of the equation. We will provide a fair cash offer to buy your Ferrari. Contact 7th Gear Auto Trader today to experience the difference in exotic car sales.

Getting Top Dollar for Your Ferrari at 7th Gear Auto Trader

Let us make an offer that truly honors the craftsmanship and value of your prestige vehicle. At 7th Gear Auto Trader, we're committed to a straightforward and open process, ensuring that your experience selling your car is as outstanding as owning it. Take advantage of this opportunity and access the full potential value of your luxury vehicle.

Connect with One of Our 7th Gear Auto Trader Experts to Get Your No Obligation Offer Today!

See What Our Customers Are Saying

A Five-Star Experience All Around!


I recently sold my luxury car through 7th Gear Auto Trader, and I couldn't be more thrilled with the entire process. From the moment I contacted them, their team displayed a high level of professionalism and knowledge about the market. They took the time to understand my vehicle's unique features and worked to get me a great price.

Throughout the consignment journey, the team at 7th Gear Auto Trader kept me informed about showings and negotiations, ensuring complete transparency. Their expert negotiators secured an excellent deal that exceeded my expectations.

I highly recommend 7th Gear Auto Trader for anyone looking to sell their luxury car with ease and confidence. They deliver on their promises and provide an exceptional level of service throughout the entire process.

An Effortless Process, So Easy to Work With!


Selling my exotic car through 7th Gear Auto Trader was an absolute breeze! From the start, their team demonstrated a deep understanding of the exotic car market and impressed me with their efficiency.

I got the offer for my BMW quickly, they scheduled an inspection, and I got paid fast! Their customer service was top-notch, and the whole process was a breeze. If you're looking for a reliable and hassle-free way to sell your exotic car, look no further than 7th Gear Auto Trader.

Such an Easy and Fast Car Selling Experience!


7th Gear Auto Trader exceeded my expectations in every way possible. When I decided to sell my Ferrari, I was unsure about the process and expected to get a lowball offer. However, their team quickly put my concerns to rest.

The offer they provided was more than fair and they followed through on arranging for vehicle transportation and made payment super quickly. What truly set the experience apart was the genuine commitment to customer satisfaction. The staff made me feel valued as a customer, and I knew my car was in trustworthy hands.

I wholeheartedly recommend 7th Gear Auto Trader. Their professionalism, efficiency, and dedication to their customers make them the go-to choice for a seamless and successful car-selling experience.

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